Brand : Hi-CAPA
  • Product Code: GS-TM-CG-O-DVCO
  • Weight: 985 g
  • Length: 279 mm
  • Capacity: 50 rds
  • Power: 350 fps

IPSC shooters depend on unparalleled accuracy and consistency of their pistol to achieve competition class shooting. Thanks to Airsoft Surgeon's masterful craftsmanship, this custom gun has a light and concise trigger pull taking away all excess movement to ensure that perfect shot. Airsoft Surgeon IPSC class pistols and custom parts are considered in the industry as the gold standard. It does not get any better than this. The Airsoft Surgeon Non-Hop Up 6.02mm Precision Barrel is incredibly accurate and outstanding for use with relatively long range shooting; A double tap from 10 to 15 feet with 1 inch grouping or less is not difficult at all.

It comes in a very solid plastic case with foam inside to keep the pistol intact. Two clips keep it sealed as well as a pressure dial which makes sure it will never undo itself in transit. 

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