NO. : TNT-VSR028
Brand : VSR-10 / 11
  • One piece chamber base & all component made by CNC
  • Positioning HOP lever & HOP-UP clicks level increased to 35!!
  • U-shaped adjustment ring design : make the HOP surface equally stressed, eliminating the problem of uneven force on the unilateral side of the original.
  • Separated stopper part design : more convenient to adjust HOP bucking center.
  • Bucking fully covered & foolproof design : easy to achieve 100% air-sealed.
  • Uses the same as original - quick adjust bar of the outer barrel side, which can quickly adjust the HOP-UP.
  • Notice: if using Maple Leaf cylinder head, it's necessary to use Maple Leaf hop up bucking too.
  • Tokyo Marui stock cylinder head can drop in.
  • Using TNT cylinder head can strength the sealing.
  • Compatible with most brands of VSR hop up bucking in the market.

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