NO. : tnt-srkt-m14-540
Brand : GBB series
$171.00 $162.45
Specification: YouTube
  • H.L.R. bucking
  • S+ inner barrel 540 mm
  • HOP chamber
  • CNC aluminum
  • for WE M14 / M1A SOCOM GBB

1. The main body is precision manufactured by aluminum alloy CNC, and the surface is sandblasted and anodized.
Even under the strong recoil of the WE M14, it is still stable and reliable, completely getting rid of the issues that the screws of the traditional two-piece design are easy to loosen.

2. The HOP-UP adjustment wheel is designed with bilateral grooves, so that both sides of the stamped steel sheet can be pulled down at the same time, which can provide an average downforce and completely get rid of the issues of uneven force of the traditional design; the embedded O-ring prevents slipping the effect is good, even under the strong recoil of the M14, it still effectively maintains the ideal level of HOP-UP after adjustment.

3. The position of the pressing width of the stamped steel sheet has been simulated and carefully calculated for the best position. It is matched with the adjustment wheel for stepless adjustment, which is convenient for fine-tuning the HOP-UP, effectively improving the accuracy and extending the BB flight distance. This classic M14 also can show amazing shooting performance!!

※All retrofit kits are assembled by our professional technicians, but there may still be slight tolerances between different batches of airsoft guns. It is recommended that you must have relative DIY ability before purchasing.※

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