NO. : TNT-CAP017-M1911
Brand : WE series
$42.00 $39.90

●T-N.T. -  H.L.R. bucking / GBB / 60° *1
●T-N.T. - M1911  HOP chamber assembly *1

1. Unlike the traditional method, players can directly adjust the HOP-UP through the bottom of the chamber without removing the pistol slide, which greatly increases convenience and efficiency.
2. The body of the HOP chamber is designed in one piece and made of alloy precision casting,and the adjustment is made of steel. The rubber-covered design has excellent air-tightness and the installation steps are simple and fast.
3. This product is shared with various brands of MARUI specification GBB rubber on the market, and it is very convenient to replenish.
4. Change the HOP-UP adjustment method to TDC :It can provide the average down force of the adjustment ring, and completely get rid of the problem of uneven force on the left and right of the traditional down pressure steel design.
5.Adjust with a regular 1.5mm Allen wrench so that the HOP step-less adjustment allows for more fine-tuning; a larger HOP adjustment range makes it easy to control whether you use light flicks or heavy flicks.
6.Adjustment ring is designed with a push-back spring to keep the HOP-UP not easy to loosen, effectively maintaining the ideal amount of depression after adjustment.

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