NO. : Acetech-PAT0800-B-001

△ Intelligent power control.
△ Multiple Mode Selection.
△ Support green/ red tracer BBs and standard BBs.
△ Ease of use with a simple interface
△ Patented in US, AU, and JP.

ACETECH's latest "AGENT" illuminator module, designed for the FMG-9 kit, leads innovation in air gun technology. AGENT not only offers a realistic shooting experience but also provides various flame effects. The smart power control, activated by shaking, enhances convenience on the battlefield.

Simulated Muzzle Flash Effect: AGENT simulates muzzle flash with intensity based on the surrounding gas volume. More gas means a more pronounced effect, enhancing realism.

Multiple Mode Selection: Users can choose from three modes: flame and illuminator effect, flame only, or illuminator only. This variety allows for customization based on preferences or game scenarios.

Smart Power Control: AGENT features smart power control, automatically turning on/off by shaking the device. It enters sleep mode after 5 minutes of inactivity, optimizing battery life.

Certified Safety: The product is certified with FCC, CE, and ROHS, ensuring compliance with safety and quality standards.

Ease of Use: With a simple interface, users can switch power and modes with one-touch operation. A battery level indicator monitors the battery status, enhancing user convenience.

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